The legend of the gold water

Many old manuscripts mention the water of life, the elixier, that has the magical ability of prolonging the life of those who drink it. From ancient times to the present, people have looked for this water and its source. In the middles ages kings and sovereigns had sent heralds to find the mystical source. Among them was the King of Spain, whose court scientists had studied ancient manuscripts and calculated that the source must be located in Ecuador. After an expedition, that lasted many month, a research group, led by the famous St.Germain, indeed had found a source that possessed high levels of natural energy but did not show any regeneration effects on the human body.

Helmet stone
Foto: B. Möstl
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Thanks to a coincidence this source has now been discovered in the middle of the jungle at a mystical site in the Anden revered as the holiest of places ba all ancient civilizations.
Excavations stumbled upon relics and artefacts from a hitherto unknown civilization. It is clear, that this culture had an unbelievable knowledge of the natural world. Several of the artefacts were included in the exhibition "Unsolved Mystery" organized by Klaus Dona, the fanous exhibition holder and expert in objects from ancient civilisations , and held in Vienna 2001.

The jungle, covering the source, was cleared and the source was revealed in its perfect setting.
In the wall seven palm-prints and countless signs had benn engraved. The Obelisks in the setting´s basin amazed all archaelogidtd. The source has know been protected by modern methods and a perfect filling station has been built 1,5km lower on a hihg plateau ( Siemens and Mannesmann Anlagenbau, Germany )

Map of the world stone
Foto: B. Möstl

Water samples have been tested by 14 water analysis laboratories in the USA and by the Austrian Drinks Institute, The minerals in the water correspond in their quality and quantity exactly to the mixture that scientists have determined can be taken up by our bodies and our cells. The natural colloidal silver contained in the water has mild antibacterial properties and the proportion of colloidal gold is exactly that required to provide the nerve and energy paths of the body with higher conductivities.