The energy content of this "Golden Water"
is the highest value measured in water to date
(approx.1.5 million Bovis unit )

Those who have already tasted of the water speak of various sensations; pulses of energy, feelings of wellbeing, healing water and so on.
Countless reports testify that tha water has a gentle strengthening effect.
Large quantities should not be drunk in the evening because it has high energy-giving properties.
On the other hand.....

Wasserschwingungsfotografie im Normalzustand
Wr. Leitungswasser
SPLEND'OR Goldwater - Water oscillation photography
Foto: Günter Schön
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SPLEND'OR Water oscillation photography with Viennese Tap water dilutes
Foto: Günter Schön
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This golden water,termed AQUAD`OR or SPLEND`OR,
should help the convalescence of all those, who consume it.

Pure or 20ml (approx. 1 Schnappsglass ) in 1 litre of drinking water
( which should be, if possible, energized ) meet the daily requirements.

SPLEND'OR Goldwater - Water oscillation photography at Moon darkness
Foto: Günter Schön
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© Günter Schön

The proof of water information and water oscillations succeeded to the Austrian Photographer Guenther Schön, by representing those in the form of colors after the spectral oscillation. Water in a bowl is frozen then.
This thin ice sheet is analyzed with bipolar light and photographed in the micro Mark robe realm.

By the bipolar lighting structures can become visible, those show up colored or black-and-white. As long as the water is in the frozen condition, the structures remain. Same water to same time frozen points usually similar picture samples.

original and completely untreated
Viennese drinking water
taken out of the water pipeline in 2. District
(before installation of the
NARASAN - waterenergizing equipment)
Wiener Trinkwasser
Wiener Trinkwasser
Viennese drinking water after energizing
by NARASAN-Technology (after equipment installation)
original drinking water from Mauerbach
near to Vienna
Drinking water from Mauerbach energized with

drinking water from Mauerbach
cleanded with reverse- osmosis technology
and afterwards energized with

further informations at
"Water purification"

Goldwasser Goldwater

The NARASAN-Technology used to energize water causes the energy rise and improvement of the water quality.

The more highly the energy and the oscillation of the water is, the more finely structured is the crystalline form in the frozen condition.
A higher refraction of light and the spectral colors develop thus are made better visible.

Günter Schön has an own website, where you may find further informations about his technique to photograph,
as well you may find more pictures: